swiss festival event 2018

Who we are

The Swiss Festival Inc. is a not-for-profit entity registered in Melbourne, Australia, established in 2006 with the mandate to organise the Swiss Festival, a cultural event in Melbourne. The aim of the Swiss Festival is to showcase Swiss Culture or Swissness in Melbourne and to bring together Swiss expats as well as anyone else who is interested. We are a team of 7-10 volunteers who organise this iconic open-air festival usually once every 2 years. We have regular meetings and an AGM. Number of festival visitors vary between 3,000 and 10,000 depending on the weather and the date. Groups, organisations and companies representing all four languages and regions of Switzerland are welcome to participate at the annual Swiss Festival where the Swiss Club of Victoria and the Swiss community showcase its unique culture and traditions.

President Swiss Festival and Swiss Consul, Mrs. Manuela Erb
The Hon. Consul of Switzerland and the president of the Swiss Festival discuss the festival

The next upcoming event is the Swiss Festival 2018, taking place in Melbourne on the 27th & 28th October in St. Kilda under the theme "Do you speak Swiss?!"​ A team of 7-10 volunteers will plan and organise the event and each will contribute with a special set of skills.